Paste & Liquid Aseptic Packaging Solutions

Viam understands that filling sensitive Beverages & Dairy Products is something of a balancing act. Our Filling Systems are design and manufacture in an innovative way that filling can bring both sides Manufacture and Consumers into balance. The main target of Viam is to provide the solution which can maintain the sterility of container, environment and product through each step of the packaging process.

Viam have got the widest range of Liquid and Viscous Filling System from Aseptic Brick Packaging to Bottle to Spout Pouch packing to meet the requirement of whole beverage and dairy industry.

With our technology you achieve a reliable, exact and automatic filling from a few microlitres to around 20 litre, depending on the material. Our machines can perfectly pack from Drinking Water, Juice, Milk, Energy Drink,  viscous flavor, high-viscosity semi-solids pharma products, Ketchup, Jam, Jellies and many other fluids & pastes.

Viam's Packaging Solution of Beverages & Dairy Indutries:

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