3 Layer 1+2 Surgical - Protective Mask Production Line

3 layer 1+2 Surgical - Protective Mask Production Line

Fully automatic double line non woven disposable mask making machine suitable to make 3 ply mask suitable to be used to shield  from virus strains to protective cleanroom masks to surgical procedure masks. 

his innovative mask making machine is designed to achieve highest output. This unhand touched fully automatic system assure that high level of hygiene is maintained to produce high quality mask which can be used by anyone from individuals to professionals to medical personals. 

Online packaging system can be attached at the end on line to ensure that product is packed in stream with the production line. 

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  1. Whole machine use aluminum alloy structure, which are more strong and more stable. For medical grade more sanitary. 
  2. L shape, High ouput line with Two output line
  3. High Stability
  4. High output fully automatic outer earband spout welding machine colleagues make the mask sheet and the eternal ear spot welding part, it save labour. 
  5. Auto stop function once material finished machine stop automatically. 


Production Speed 80-120pcs/min
Mask size 175*95MM
Power source   220V AC ±5﹪,50HZ
Total power 10 KW
Overall dimension 6500mm(L)×4500mm(W)×1900mm(H)
Sealing Type Ultrasonic 

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