Chocolate Centre Filled Puffed Snacks Line

Automatic Core filled snack food processing line is from feeding materials, extruding, drying, oil spraying to finished products are done once time automatic. We fill the gap of the first-class food produced with extruded & inflated technology. This processing line can produce all kinds of inflating foodstuffs, corn curls, cheese curls, cheese ball, core snacks, breakfast cereal and baby food and so on by adjusting the mold in the extruder. The raw material can be maize, rice or wheat flour.

These types of snacks are popular amoung both kids and adult making it one of the most consumed snacks around the globe. Viam's Expertise team is always ready to help his clients to make profitable business from this product in their market. 

Working Procedure : Mixer→Screw Conveyor→SLG Extruder→Shaper→Core filler→Elevator→ Oven→Elevator→Oil Sprayer→Roller 


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Product Specification



 100-500 kgs/Hour (Depending upon Customer's Requirement)

Area Required 

 Depending Upon Capacity (Please Enquire)

Voltage / Frequency

 3 phase /  380V / 50Hz

Workers Required

 2-3 Workers



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