Fried Extruded Puffed Snack Line

Full Automatic Fried Extruded Snacks line achieves mechanized process for traditional handmade wheat food .It not only continues crispy and non-greasy taste, but also realizes the infinite innovation of raw material .Only twin screw extruder can accomplish the process of mixing, cooking, puffing, shaping etc. If equip with Sala cutting machine, frying machine ,we can produce Sala chips,crust and other 2D fried snacks food. Equip with Pattern pressing machine, compound shaping machine, frying machine, we can produce burgles, pillow, goldfish and other 3D fried snacks food.

These types of snacks are popular amoung both kids and adult making it one of the most consumed snacks around the globe. Viam's Expertise team is always ready to help his clients to make profitable business from this product in their market. 

Different types of puffed snacks can be formed by just  changing the moulds designs. The shapes like Puffed Sticks, Cheese Balls, Puffed Corn Rolls, Circles, Animal Shapes etc can be formed. 

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Product Specification


By advanced extruding way to make the directly fried snacks. By changing the shaping roller, it can also make fish shape, tree shape, duck shape, moon shape, tower shape, etc.

Raw Material

Wheat flour as main raw material, and can mix with some cereal flours

Working Process

Mixing—Conveying—Extruding—Shaping & Cutting—Elevating -- Frying—De-oiling—Flavoring


100-800kg/h (As per Clients Rerquirement)

Total Install Power

100 - 175 kw (Depending Upon Capacity)

Worker Needed

2-3 workers (not includes packing machine)


Please Ask 

(if arrange machine I straight line. We can arrange the machine as “L” shape or “U” shape according to customer’s factory space)

Standard Voltage

380V 50HZ Three Phase

Can customized voltage, but need to charge for the voltage change

Machine Material

Standard Stainless steel is 201s.s.

Support rack is carbon steel

Extruder: 38CrMoAl

Barrel, cutter, dies, dies holder: #45 steel

Conveying belt: food grade plastic belt.

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