Metal Detector For Aluminum Foil

Our all new Metal Detector For Aluminum Foil  can  detect metal  impurities that can be magnetized.Metal Detector For Aluminum Foil  is suitable for aluminum foil packaging products: coffee bags, peanuts, dried meat products, candy, chocolate and other materials testing, used in food, medicine, cosmetics, security products, chemical industry and other metal detection.The state of material packaging can be in bulk, bagged, bottled, boxed, and other forms.

Equipped with 7-inch color screen,pre-installed operation helo menu,convenient for hunman-machine exchange coordination and learning,intelligent sampling learning function according to material characteristics. High-sensitivity sensor application and integrated control method can effectively sove the detection ability of magnetic metal foreign objects in aluminum film and aluminum foil packaging products.



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Product Specification

Mechanical  Character:

●Customized plastic chain plate,reduce the interference source,make machine running smoothly and ensure the detection sensitivity,make it easier to disassemble and maintain.

●Stainless steel integrated frame,simple and beautiful,easy to clean and maintain.

●Positive and negative transport design,flexible mating packaging production line matching requirements.

●The built-in high-sensitivity sensor of the detector can effectively shield the signal of the aluminum film packaging product and accurately determine the magnetic metal foreign matter in the package.

●A variety of rejection are available Using 32-bit microprocessor,superior digital signal analysis and processing,improve system sensitivity,anti-interference and long-term stability.


Model VI-GL2415
Suitable For Aluminium Foil bags 
Detection accuracy Fe 2.0  Sus 2.0
Conveyor belt speed 15-35m/in
Max package size width  240mm
Max package size Height Adjustable:50-150mm
Opening size 240 x 150 mm
Power Requirement 220V/180W/ 50/60Hz  /0.8A
Packing Dimension(mm) 1570(L)*880(W)*1490(H)mm
Machine net weight 170Kg

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