Wet Tissue Making - Individual Cutting & Packing Machine

Full Automatic Wet Wipe making Packing Machine with universal mold (no need to change mold for different sizes wipes, 4-side sealing, 1pcs/bag) can be adjusted with robot arms and conveyor belt. Machine machine work steadily and continuously, its suitable for the production various kind of four-side sealing products of all types wet wipes/tissue, alcohol swabs/pad and so on.

This machine Adopts Japan dosing pump, make it accurate to add liquid into different package with tolerance of ±0.01ml/time. Multiple kinds of liquid are available; it can add per liquid per bag or add all the liquid in the same bag. 3. The machine is easy to operate, with servo motor and PLC touch panel, which can adjust the packing temperature, packing speed and tissue length accordingly. This machine adopts light electrical integration design, with the function of automatic error alarm system and safety instruction signals.

The language of the touch screen panel can be special designed according to the buyer.


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Product Specification

Packaging Form

Four-size Sealing

Packing Material


Inner Material

30-80g/m⊃2; Wet Strength paper, nonwoven, spun lace nonwoven fabric etc.

Material Inner Roller Dia


Packing Size Length


Packing Size Length


Width Folding Way 

Max 10 times folding vertical, 4 times folding horizontal

Liquid Added Range


Packing Speed

60-120 PCS/M

Total Power


Power Supply 

Single-phase two-wire 220V 50/60

Machine Noise


Air Supply

0.6-1.0 MPa

Air Consumption


Machine Dimensions


Machine Weight

About 1200kgs

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