Semi Automatic Gable Top Carton Filling Machine

Semi-Automatic Gable top carton filling machine is a kind of small type equipment, in low automation degree and small amount of output. They are specially designed based on for market need. The equipment occupies small area, with low power consumption, and is easily operated and maintained. The price is comparatively low, which is ideal equipment for small and medium-size companies, and companies who want to produce first class gable top carton products with low output.

The operation of the filling machine is automatically controlled by computer program, and others are controlled by electric apparatus. The whole progress is controlled by PLC, needs 3 persons to operate.

Suitable for filling : Milk, yogurt, cream, beaten egg, soy milk, juice, tea drink, corn drink, pure water, sauce, wine, spices, cleaning solution, chemical product, sugar, grain, cornmeal, other dry powder, etc.

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Product Specification

Technical parameter: 


200--1000ml / 1000ml-2000ml (Can Be Filled by One Machine)


1000-1200 Cartons/Hour

Packing Material

Cardboard Carton / Aluminum Foil Carton

Recommended Carton Bottom Size

57*57mm, 70*70mm, 95*95mm, One Size - One Machine

Filling Temperature

Cold Filling: 2-50℃ / Hot Filling 85-88℃

Capping Function

With Capping / Without Capping (Optional)

Overall Power

23KW – 3PH

Machine Dimension 

(L*W*H): 3100*800*2600

Compressed Air Pressure

1.0-1.4 Mpa, Flow Rate: 0.8-1.0M3/Min

Cooling Water

≥20L/ Min Temperature: Normal Temperature

Net Weight


The Characteristic of Gable Top Carton:

Gable top carton has a unique and beautiful appearance, and applies environmental protection material. The products are in high class for its unique feature, and can sell a much better price than other package in the market, which gains considerable profit for middle/small enterprise.

  1. The production process is convenient than other package, and doesn’t need big storage space. A middle size paper box can hold 1,000 gable top carton pieces.
  2. The carton pieces don’t need to be washed, which save a large sum of washing and sterilizing fee.
  3. Gable top carton filling machine doesn’t need big area of workshop, which enables low cost of setting a factory.
  4. Gable top carton filling machine doesn’t need many workers to operate, so the salary for workers is low.
  5. Gable top carton filling machine can apply hot filling, which makes the products can be kept for 3-12 months under normal temperature. That solved many enterprises’ problem of short shelf life.

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