Fruit Processing and Juice Production Plant

As known for Viam are engaged in providing end to end solutions for the fruit Processing and Juice Proceesing Plants. Every fruit has it's own special characteristic and we understand it to provide you the plant which is best suitable for your industry to produce and deliver high quality and best product. Viam provides customize machine and production solutions designed according to your specific requirement.

Viam engages latest technologies and uses modern processes to optimize the combination of machinery and man to produce excellent fruit juice equipment manufacturing quality and engineering installation quality, ensuring the entire system process having compact structure, great appearance, stable operation and easy operation and least maintenance cost.

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Juice Processing Flow-Chart (Just for reference) 

Input of Raw material  → elevator machine → brush cleaning machine → washing machine →  inspection spray conveyor → elevator → hammer crusher →  storage tank → belt Propeller single screw pump  → spiral juicer →  storage tank →  juice pump → storage tank → pump → sterilization machine → filling line → Master Packaging → Pelletising

Solutions we provide for Fruit Processing Plant : 

  • Ketchup & Puree production line

  • Fruit Pulp production line

  • Fresh Fruit  Juice processing plant

  • Concentrated Juice production line

  • Preseved Fruit Plant 

  • Fruit Jam production line


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