2in1 Extrusion and Flow Wrap Packaging Line

2 in 1 Extrusion and Flow Wrap Packaging system is perfect solution for the semi soft materials such as Energy Bars, Chikki,  Chocolates, Tamarind,  Sweets, Plasticine, Suger-Fondant, Flour-Dough, Air-Dry Clay etc. 

This machine first forms the required shape, cut and then pack them into pillow type packaging making it convinient for the manufacturer of these items to perform these 3 different process at one go, which not only saves labour cost but also help to increase productivity and saving the time. 

Standard features:

  • Food grade SS304 contact parts
  • Independent touch screens to control extruder and packing machine
  • Touch screen 7”
  • Ideal for kinds of soft material products
  • Can produce different product shapes
  • With safety guards

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Product Specification


Up to 150 products per minute
Up to 30 m/min film speed
Product and film characteristic may affect machine output

Size Range

Package cut-off length


Product width


Product height


Packaging Material Reel

Reel diameter


Core diameter


Packaging material width



max. 25KG




Power usage


Machine weight


Machine dimensions


Blade cut type

Rotary cutter

Motor configuration

Dual frequency

Optional Device

date printer, gusseted device, water cooling device, heating device, etc.

Our Full automatic plasticine packing line VS Traditional manual packing


Full automatic plasticine packing line

Traditional manual packing


extruding and packing in one machine 

extruder - manual cutting - manual feeding - packing

product cutting

automatic cutting according to the set length, accurate and efficient

manual cutting,can not ensure the accuracy

product deliver

automatic deliver the products into packing machine,no pollution and deformation

manual deliver from extruder to the packing machine,will bring the pollution and deformation problem

labor cost

only need 1 person to operation the machine,reduce labor costs

needs at least 7 workers


100-200pcs per minute

max 60pcs per minute


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