Potato Chips & French Fries Production Line

Fully Automatic Potato Chips / French Fries line to produce fried or Frozen French Fries is one kind of snack processed from fresh potato after washing, peeling, slicing, frying and freezing. It keeps the special delicious flavor of fried potato on one respect and has the characteristics of rich nutrition, delicious, convenient and so on, thus won the flavor of the consumers.

These types of snacks are popular amoung both kids and adult making it one of the most consumed snacks around the globe. Viam's Expertise team is always ready to help his clients to make profitable business from this product in their market. 

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Process flowchart of our frozen french fries production line:

Fresh Potato →→ Elevator →→ Washing Peeling machine →→ Potato Slicing / French Fries Cutting Machine →→  Elevator Impurity Removing Machine →→  Rinsing machine →→ Gas Blanching machine →→ Vibration De-watering Machine →→ Air cooling machine →→ Elevator →→ Gas Frying machine →→ Oil Supply Tank →→ Vibration De-oiling Machine →→ Air cooling machine →→ Elevator →→ Fluidized Quick freezing Machine (Options for fries) →→ Packaging Line

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