4th Generation Rotary PFS Model No. V825

The 4th Generation pre-made bag packaging line is suitable for packing granules,liquids,powders,lumps, and a variety of other materials.It can be used in production of standup bag, portable bag, zipper bags,4-side sealing bag, 3-side sealing bag. paper bag, M type bag,spout bags,retort pouches,specially shaped bags and other pre-made bag types. A wide selection of functional devices and a special feeding system can be installed on this packaging line upon request,helping customers solve various common packaging problems.

All kinds of material such as solid,granule,powder,liquid,thick liquid,and other materials that can be packed by bag. 

Station Process

Bag Feeding --> Date Coding + Zipper Bag Opening --> Filling + Bag Bottom Opening --> Tray Vibrating --> Standby (can add functions of filling liquid, air exhausting, dust cleaning etc.) --> Heat Sealing 1 --> Heat Sealing 2 or Forming --> Output

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Product Specification


PFS – V825

No.of working stations 


Bags size

W:70~200mm;L:100~300mm (the width range of  the two bags should not exceed 100mm )

Filling Volume


Packing Speed

20-60 bags/min (depending on type of product and packaging material used)

Machine Weight


Dimension (L*W*H)


Total power


Driving Power Source

380V Three-phase five line 50HZ(other power supply can be customized)

Compress air requirement

≥0.45m3/min(Compress air is provided by user)

Main Features

1.Wide application : various shapes, state and nature of products (such as rice, coarse grains, nuts, spicy snack, Chinese chestnut liquid, etc.)

2. Easy to operate: PLC controller HMI system makes easy operation.

3. Easy to adjust: Synchronously adjust machine clamp, and parameters for different products can be saved and available from database when changing products.

4. High Automation: Complete all actions by end cam, whose machining technology is more simple than grooved cam, thus cost lower. The highest speed can reach 60pcs/min ​

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