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Viam team engineers  Industrial RO Plant as per the client's technical specifications and in accordance to the standards & requirements of the particular industry. RO involves separating water from a solution of dissolved solids by forcing water through a semi- permeable membrane.Our plants are assembled using the best components from leading manufacturers in the world. The frame and fittings are all in SS 304 for long rust free life.

RO plant project involves machinery for bottle manufacturing, purifying water, bottling purified water and labelling. The designing of the plant basically includes economically viable capacity like the capital outlay is optimized. The capacity of the various units includes Ultra/RO Filtration Plant, Bottle Manufacturing, and Labelling, Bottle Filling Machine (Reinsing Filling and Caping Machine).

Mineral water requirements and their demands are increasing constantly and rapidly with increasing consciousness of people towards their health and Team Viam is all set to help you to get profit out of this business

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Product Specification

Equipment Name


Raw Water Storage Tank        


Capacity: As per Capacity Required

Raw Water Pump

Material: SS304, Pipeline Also Uses SS304


1、Silica Sand Filter

2、Active Carbon Filter


4、Fine Filter                         

5、Reverse Osmosis Filter     

Filter Media

1、Silica Sand 

2、Activated Carbon


4、5um Pp Filter Element

5、RO Membrane 8040*6set                                                  

Sand Filter

Active Carbon Filter

Sodium-Ion Filter  

High Pressure Pump

Fine Filter

Ro System

Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Material: SS304

Sterilizing Rate:99.9%  

Voltage 220V  

Working Pressure 0.2--0.6Mpa      

Water Tem 25℃

Usage Hour:8000H

Pure Water Storage Tank        

Material: SS304

Capacity: As per Capacity Required

SUS304, Storage Tanks For Water,

Thickness 3mm, Single Layer

Constant Pressure Water Supply System

Automatic Electrical Control System

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