High Speed Spout Top Filling System Model No. STF-H6-100

Viam's Latest 4th Generations High Speed 6 Head Spout Top Filling machines machine works automatically: pouches feeding→ positioned filling→ cleaning → caps screwing→ end-products discharging. Liquid level controlling for ensuring exact filling volume. 

Dust-proof covering to ensure hygiene. According to clients’ requirements, we also can add or cancel some functions. With reasonable design, advanced functions, which is turned into the ideal packing machine for standing pouches.

This Machine is suitable to fill all kinds of liquid, such as fruit juice, milk, detergent, beverage, Jelly, Yoghurt, Ketchup, Sauces, mayonnaise etc. 

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Product Specification

This machine including below function:

  1. Full automatic machine, pneumatic Siemens PLC control, adopted touch screen in English language
  2. Filling volume: 100-300ml. One filling unit, four filling heads each filling unit, piston filling type adopted.
  3. Filling temperature:  0-100 degree;
  4. No pouch no filling and capping, no cap no capping;
  5. Working process: Automatic pouch-loading, no pouch detection, filling, spout cleaning, feeding and inserting cap, cap detection, capping by magnetic torque heads, discharging, transport (If connected with conveyor belts);
  6. Adopted with glass cover, ultraviolet sterilization lamp. 



Filling Nozzle

6 pieces

Packing Speed

80-100 BPM




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