Disposable Paper Cup Machine - Standard Model

Disposable Paper cup forming machine is a kind of full automatic forming machine. It has functions of feeding the paper row by row automatically and the device to avoid the paper retreat (this makes paper feeding more precise), ultrasonic sealing, paper cylinder transferred by mechanical arm, oiling, bottom punching, bottom folding, preheating, bottom knurling, and cup stacking. 

It has the invertor for automatic speed adjusted, and the bottom punching is adopted step motor (when there is paper body, the bottom paper will be send, if not, the bottom paper will not send, this can save the paper, no waste). 

The inner structure adopts vertical axis to drive the motor. And it is with automatic lubrication system to reduce the friction of each mechanical part, and no need to add the oil by manual.

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Product Specification

Size of cup

6-12OZ(can be adjusted by mould)

The material of paper

180-300g/㎡(single or double pe coated paper)

Speed of production


Power supply

380v/220v  50Hz  3PH

Total power




Overall dimensions



The machine stops automatically if any problem which controlled by sensors we installed, so that the machine is well protected and becomes more durable. 

We adopt separate cam drivers on the left and right of cup side sealing device, so the working status is quiet and stable, which is the top technology owned by us in China.

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