Multihead Weigher

Viam been specialized in Multihead Weighers with the combination of high speed and precision, and provided its customers with professional and all-round service, Viam has become the most trusted brand among the Multihead users & packaging OEMs. As a leading Multihead Weigher supplier, Viam try  its best to offer new quality weighing machine, Linear weigher, Check weigher, Automatic weigher, Combination weigher, linear scale system according to our customer's requirement. 

To serve the needs of our customers across a wide variety of industries, Viam provides both automatic multi-head weighers and semi-automatic multi-head weighers for food and non-foodapplications.

Automatic Multihead Weighers are capable of weighing, mixing and counting with greater accuracy at high speeds, which makes them an ideal choice for large production lines and complicated application mixtures such as mixed bags of snacks, confectionery or fruit and nuts. Viam has been at the forefront of multihead weighing technology for many years, and proudly supply the very high quality multihead weigher with load cells. Viam has worked continuously to bring innovative and revolutionary multihead weighers to the industry, to help make weighing easier and more efficient than ever before. We supply Multi heads from 10-36 heads.

Few applications our Weighers can perform :

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