Tray-Cup-Blister Packaging Machine

Our range of trays, cup, glass Blister, Thermoforming and Fill-Seal machines are suitable for different food industries like Jelly, Juices, Dairy Products, Fruit Jam, Butter, Ketchup, fresh Syrup, Ready to Eat food, Cheese, Dips, confectionery, mayonnaise, honey, dry fruits, meat, dates, fresh fruits & vegetables etc. and so on in different type premade/formed cups & so on. These machines are specialised not only makes the cups/tray & sealing but also do Automatic Cup Washing, Feeding, Fillings, Sealing & Coding online. 

These machines are of high performance and effectiveness. The product know-how allows us to standardize the “special”, thus being able to meet the increasing demands of every single product.

Some examples of packaging our machines can do :

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