Melt Blown Fabric Making & Winding System

Fully Automatic Melt Blown Fabric Extrusion system is state of art machineries which is capable of forminng Melt Blown Fabric with BFE upto 99?pending upon the clients requirement. The models of different sizes are designed specially to meet the requirment of different verticals of Industries. 

This machines produces the best quality Melt blown Fabrics which is uses in allmost all types of Safety Mask like Surgical Mask, 3 Layer disposable Masks, N-95 Mask & N-99 Masks.

The machine is supplied as whole intergrated systems which not only form the Melt Blown Fabric but also can slit the fabric in desired sizes and then roll it in to pre fixed capacities. We design and supply Melt Blown Fabrics machines with width ranging 600-2400mm

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Product Specification

Melt-blown Non woven Fabric Production Line Parameters - For 600mm

Total installed power of production line


Actual power consumption

60 ~ 80kw / hour

Raw materials used

PP, MFI = 900 ~ 1500

Maximum mechanical

20m / min

Width of finished product


Product weight

10 ~ 30g / ㎡

Meltblown fiber

2 ~ 5μm

Uniformity CV value


Maximum winding diameter


Maximum annual output: when the wire diameter is 2 ~ 5μm

100 ton / year

Machine weight

about 10 tons.

Control system:
  1. The temperature control system uses a temperature control meter and a solid-state relay to interlock, adapts to the PID function, and has high temperature control accuracy.
  2. The motor of the extruder is made of domestic high-quality AC motor, which has high stable speed performance.
  3. The drive system is controlled by a domestic inverter, with high control precision and low frequency torque.
  4. The system operation is composed of the main console and the on-site operation panel.
  5. The protection grade of the cabinet is IP21


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