Blister Thermo-Forming Punching & Cutting Machine

Automatic Thermo- forming punching & cutting machine assembles with thermo forming, punching and cutting for plastic cups, trays and other containers, which is very easy to operate and any other containers, which is very easy to operate and less power consumption. The fully automatic working processes are from temperature control-ling thermo forming, punching, cutting, counting and scrapes drawing back. 

Sheet material: PVC, PS, PET

Work flows: Materials film on the machine ---> Thermoforming ---> Cutting ---> Product to conveyor 


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Product Specification

Cutting time

15-20 times/min

Power supply

380v/220v 50Hz

Max forming area(mm x mm)

450 x 150

Max forming depth


Heating power for upper forming mould

5 Kw

Heating power for lower forming mould

5 Kw


3 Kw

Air pump pressure

0.7 Mpa

Air supply


Water Consumption


Sheet (thickness X width)

0.10-0.60mm x 450mm

Dimension of the machine (L x W x H)

3800 x 920 x 1750 mm


1250 KG

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