Wet Tissue Making - Family Pack Cutting & Packing Machine

Fully Automatic Family Pack Wet Wipe Making Machine work steadily and continuously, its suitable for the production various kind of four-side sealing products of all types wet wipes/tissue, alcohol swabs/pad and so on.

Flowing chart : Full-auto wet tissue machine is: Raw material—splitting — folding— moisture—cutting—pile counting— transport —packing - finished product. 

All processes (from raw material to finished production) are finished on the machine. It is sanitary during the producing processes, the speed is high and the function is very steady. 

For wet wipes can be baby wipes. Kitchen wipes, daily cleaning wipes, car wipes, it is depend on your need, the different just the liquid used. The glue machine and one more small labor system, 90 degree corner of the machine are for option. It depends on customer’s requirement.

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Product Specification

Motive factor 


Power supply 

380V, 50HZ 

Suitable material 

Spun-lace non-woven fabrics, Hot-rolling non-woven fabrics. 

Production speed 


Sheets in one bag 

20-150sheets, can be changeable 

Raw material size 


Folding way 

longitudinal Z-folded. Pop up or Non pop up 

Counting way 

Auto-counting, quantity changeable pile system 

Humidification agitating system 

Double agitating drums with agitator 

Control system 

PLC control system, colour touching screen 

Machine size(mm) 


Liquid tank capacity 

600 litter, 2tank 

Water tank size(mm) 

2000*1100*1900 250KG 

Weight of machine(kg) 




Option (should add extra cost) 

<=2% Glue machine, 90 degree or U Turn corner for the connect of folding machine and packing machine. 

Electrical source 

380V 50HZ 



Production speed 

30~80 packs/min 

Product size 

or (140~220)×(70~100)×(10~30)mm(L*W*H) (it is needed to change the mould when 

you want to change the size) 

Control system 

Adjustable motion control system, PLC control, colour touch screen 

Suitable material 


Weight of machine 

1900 kg 

Machine size 

5280×1300×2000 mm (L×W×H) 

Packing Method 

Reciprocating type packing machine with gusset-insert, (If need hanger-hook unit ,it is optional). 

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