2D-3D Snack Pellet Line

Fully Automatic 2D-3D Pellet production line uses wheat flour, corn flour, corn starch, tapioca starch, potato starch as raw material. By cooking, cutting etc process to produce spiral, tube, onion ring, waved chips etc 2D snack pellet. Also can equip with pattern pressing machine and compound machine to produce burgles, net crispy, pani puri etc 3D snack pellet. Then by drying, frying and flavoring, the snack pellet can be made to be crispy, vivid instant-eat twice extrusion puffed food.

Combinations of unit screw and precise control of processing, that achieve higher quality and various products with more chosen for raw material.

These types of snacks are popular amoung both kids and adult making it one of the most consumed snacks around the globe. Viam's Expertise team is always ready to help his clients to make profitable business from this product in their market. 

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Product Specification




100-500kg/h (Depending Upon Client's Requirement)

Raw Material

Wheat flour as main raw material, corn starch, potato starch, tapioca starch and other additives

Working Process

Raw material mixing -- spiral conveying – extruding – patterning – shaping – elevating – drum cooling – sieving – elevating –cooling and distributing – low temperature drying – cooling

Total Install Power

Depending Upon Capacity - Please Ask for Details 

Worker Needed

2-3 workers

Standard Voltage

380V 50HZ Three Phase (can customized)

Machine Material

Stainless steel is 201s.s.

Support rack is carbon steel

Support platform is carbon steel

Screw of extruder is W6MO5CR4V2

Barrel of extruder is inlaid alloy steel

Cutter and cutter holder of the extruder is carbon steel

Dies and dies holder of the extruder is carbon steel

Chain of the drying machine is carbon steel

Support rod of the conveying belt of drying machine is carbon steel.

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